Real Estate Philanthropy FAQs

Through SWPRE Philanthropy, SWPRE Preferred Nonprofits are eligible to receive 10% of SWPRE company revenues & 10% of SWPRE Philanthropy Realtor™ commissions. Recipients of gifts specific to each transaction are at the direction of our client(s). Gifts can be in the name of our client. Gifts can be general and unrestricted or as specifically restricted as requested by our client. We encourage restricted gifts specific to institutions and activities that resonate with our clients and their families.

The following provides an overview of SWPRE Philanthropy and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).


What is SWPRE Philanthropy?
Through SWPRE Philanthropy, SWPRE gifts 10% of company revenues to SWPRE Preferred Nonprofits or 5% to any nonprofit with a 4-Star Charity Navigator rating.

What is your philanthropic focus?
Our philanthropic focus is innovation and disruption in life sciences, bio-tech, medical education and health care to improve quality of care, community health and reduce costs. The vision of Senator Kirk Watson as defined in his Austin’s 10 goals in 10 years and embodied by the Seton – UT – Central Health initiative to redefine the future of care is an excellent example.

What and who are Designated SWPRE Preferred Nonprofits?

(1) Who are they?
Designated Preferred Nonprofits
are leaders in our philanthropic focus in our market areas.
(2) How are they nominated?
We conduct extensive due diligence to confirm a match. A SWPRE Senior Partner and a SWPRE Officer must nominate a Designated Preferred Nonprofit. One or more SWPRE Philanthropy Realtors™ must commit to working with the Designated Preferred Nonprofit to build client and referral relationships that will generate gifts to the Designated Preferred Nonprofit.
(3) How are they selected?
Each Designated Preferred Nonprofit must be approved by the SWPRE Philanthropy Board.
(4) What does a Designated Preferred Nonprofit have to do?
Nothing but cashing our checks!
(5) What does SWPRE encourage a Designated Preferred Nonprofit to do?
A Designated Preferred Nonprofit embraces our business model and philanthropy philosophy of “philanthropy by everyone” and “giving while you area getting there, not just giving after you have arrived.”
They actively advocate and support SWPRE.
Every SWPRE transaction they advocate should generate philanthropic contributions to them and generate new benefactors for them. However, nothing is required or expected other than cashing our checks.

Is SWPRE Philanthropy grant based?
No. SWPRE Philanthropy is not a traditional grant based foundation.
SWPRE Philanthropy is designed to align incentives between SWPRE and Preferred Nonprofits.

Does SWPRE Philanthropy gift other than through a % of revenues?
Yes, on a selective basis. SWPRE Philanthropy and SWPRE make major direct gifts. For example, we are Leadership Donors to Dell Seton.

What are the benefits to Preferred Nonprofits?
(1) The money | New and continuous source of funding for Preferred Nonprofits
(2) The pipeline | Each transaction provides a Preferred Nonprofit four or more potential benefactors
(3) Big NFP culture | For large nonprofits like hospitals and medical schools, our model changes the perception of board bembers, staff, employees, members, volunteers, clients, vendors, family, friends, etc. (NFP Sphere of Influence) benefactors
(4) All NFP culture | For all nonprofits, it focuses your NFP Sphere of Influence on the value of individual financial gifts

How does SWPRE select other Preferred Nonprofits?
(1) Realtor commitments |
Two or more Realtors supporting the nonprofit who agree to become a SWPRE Philanthropy Realtor™ depending on market size and your NFP sphere of influence size.
SWPRE will evaluate your market, your NFP and define parameters to meet requirements
(2) NFP commitment | Nonprofit board, management, staff and volunteer commitment to consider using the SWPRE Philanthropy Realtor™ for personal and business real estate and to actively refer friends, family and co-workers
(3) Incentive alignment | Any Board Member or paid staff member who is a Texas licensed Realtor or Broker must become a SWPRE Philanthropy Realtor™
(4) Due diligence | 4 Star
(5) Recommendations | From a SWPRE Senior Partner and a SWPRE Officer

Is this relationship “exclusive”?
No. We encourage realtors to donate time, energy and money to the nonprofit of their choice. Nothing would make us happier than to see other real estate firms, their agents or other business following our example and giving 10% of their revenues to nonprofits.

What types of real estate transactions are eligible?
Real estate sales and purchases.


How much does it cost a nonprofit to become a SWPRE Preferred Nonprofit?

How long does it take a nonprofit to reach a specific goal?
5 factors drive duration:
(1) $ goal
(2) Matching
(3) Commitment
(4) Mission appeal
(5) Economy

Are there any limitations on SWPRE gift amounts?

How can a nonprofit generate gifts without asking for money?
Everyone has family, friends and contacts buying or selling real estate. All it takes is a referral to SWPRE and we will handle it from there.

Matching Gifts

Does SWPRE require matching?

Does SWPRE encourage matching?
Yes, SWPRE encourages all real estate transaction parties to gift match.

What do you mean by “The Power of Gift Matching?”

On a $1,000,000 transaction, SWPRE Philanthropy’s gift will normally be $3,000 ($1,000,000 sale price * 3% commission = $30,000 * 10%). If the buyer, seller, SWPRE Philanthropy Partners and other broker/agent match our gift, the gift is multiplied by a factor of 5 or equal to a minimum of $15,000.

Helping Nonprofits That Help Themselves

Will SWPRE help a nonprofit raise money if it is NOT qualified to be a SWPRE Preferred Nonprofit?
Yes, SWPRE will help any nonprofit that will help themselves.

What Is needed by a nonprofit to succeed with SWPRE Real Estate Philanthropy?
Commitment of board, leadership, staff, members, benefactors and community to nonprofit real estate philanthropy.

Realtor friends object to a nonprofit working with SWPRE. How does a nonprofit respond?
SWPRE Preferred Nonprofit relationships are NOT exclusive. We encourage nonprofits to invite everyone to contribute.

Geographic Factors

What Limits SWPRE Geographic Work?
Only US State Department considerations.

Where Is SWPRE Active in Texas?
All Texas markets.

Does SWPRE Participate in Our MLS?
SWPRE is a member of the Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Hill Country MLSs. Additional MLSs are added as needed.

What Other States is SWPRE Active?
California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico & Wyoming. SWPRE US growth is currently organic. It is driven by client and/or Collaborative Broker requests.

Where is SWPRE Internationally Active?
Mexico, Latin America, Europe, Brazil, Russia, India, China, Dubai. SWPRE international growth is currently organic. It is driven by client and/or Collaborative Broker requests. It is managed by our Global Partners International Realty Division.

SWPRE Qualifications

Does SWPRE Have Nonprofit Experience?
Yes, spanning local, regional and national nonprofits including:
Services: AIDS, Homeless, Medicaid
Senior Health Centers
Systems: Regional Health Systems, National Hospital Systems, National Health Insurers
Insurers: BlueCross Blue Shield
Local nonprofits: Board Membership

Does SWPRE Have Healthcare Experience?
Yes, our management teams’ resumes include:
CEO: Forensic Medical Audit, Hospital, Physician Practice, Case Management
CFO: Hospital, Physician Practice, Physician Practice Management Company, AIDS Network, HMO
COO: Physician Practice Management Company, Region For National For Profit Insurer
Other Hospital Positions: Administrator, Financial Analyst, Productivity Analysis
Mergers & Acquisitions: Hospitals, Physician Practices, Physician Networks, MSOs
Network Development: Medicare, Medicaid, Insurer, Integrated Delivery Systems, CHAMPUS, PPO, HMO, Hospitalist, Speciality Physician, Physician Hospital Organization, Community Health Centers, AIDS, Trauma