SWPRE Objectives


Our goal is to be the very best real estate brokerage. Not the biggest, the best. Our objectives are to outperform all competitors in 4 categories:

#1 best quantitative performance

Our benchmarks are not defined by traditional real estate standards or performance. Our standards are defined by global business and professional standards. SOUTHWEST PARTNERS | GLOBAL PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL REALTY has the best: research, analysis, images, video, social media, marketing. distribution, syndication, prospect management, results.

#2 best qualitative performance

The best customer service is defined by our clients. Every client has a Broker and Analyst assigned to them in addition to their Real Estate Partner. We are here 24/7 for everyone. When the company phone rings, a Broker answers. Whatever is needed, we deliver! You have phone, text,and email access to Brokers 24/7 or by video call or chat by appointment. Complete transparency is the standard. Every action is in our client’s best interest.

#3 best collaboration

We advocate collaboration with all brokerages and realtors. We provide them concierge level services. We manage $500M+ in listings with other brokerages we call “Collaborative Brokers”. Collaborative Brokers bring listings to us for our listing content and marketing. We place listings in other markets with Collaborative Brokers to be local broker of record. We provide concierge support and the best resources they need to list, show and close transactions.

#4 best citizenship

Citizenship is about giving and being a fiduciary. We are committed to being the best local and global citizen.

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We are available 24/7 for our SWPRE Real Estate Partners and their clients!

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Referrals are real estate’s life blood. Our only geographic limits are US State Department based. We appreciate your support.