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Be a company Partner
High tech, high touch approach
Best website & mobile technology
Best performance & results
Global reach & marketing
Superior social media & targeted lead generation
24/7 call center
SWPRE real estate philanthropy
Concierge service

Concierge service

We are here 24/7 for everyone. When the company phone rings, a Broker answers. You have phone, text and email access to a Broker anytime. Brokers are available via video conference or chat by appointment. Our call center is staffed by Brokers. You have a dedicated team including a Broker and an Analyst supporting you. Whatever is needed, we deliver!

Provide the VERY BEST

Seller services
Buyer services
Quality of life

Quality of life

With us, you focus on listing, showing and selling. Make more $ and have more time to enjoy with family, friends, travel, relaxing… doing whatever you do for health, fun and happiness!

Delegate administration & marketing to us

You can delegate almost all administrative and marketing tasks to us. Once you draft the MLS/IDX compliant listing property description and send us your raw images/video, we do the rest.

Lead generation

We build lead generation/search pages for you and dedicated web pages for your listings. You are immediately notified when someone signs up on our site or requests information on one of your listings or one of your search pages.

Your prospects are yours

Our Call Center sends an immediate initial response with a link to all prepared information. If a number is available, a Broker telephones the prospect to confirm receipt of the information, answer basic questions and facilitate communications with you! You are copied on every communication. The prospect is yours.

Reduce your expenses

#1 Eliminate lead generation expenses
Many Realtors pay Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Home.com and other portals for leads in specific zip codes. If buying leads/zip codes is working for you, that’s great! If not, rely on our lead generation to generate quality targeted leads. Eliminate those costs and capture high quality leads.

#2 Eliminate premium placement expenses
SWPRE Real Estate Partners do not need to pay to be premium on any portal. All SWPRE listings, including residential, are premium on LoopNet. All have LoopNet Dedicated Premium Websites. We strengthen listing content on most major portals to give our listings essential parity with premium listings.

#3 Eliminate multiple MLS expenses
Our Broker is a member of the Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Hill Country Boards. We require participation in one of these boards. If you want us to join a new Board, call to discuss.

#4 Eliminate/reduce MLS fees
Subject to Board regulations, if you don’t want MLS service don’t pay for it. Your listings will still be there under SWPRE and you will receive the prospects.

#5 SWPRE provides E&O at no cost
We pay for Errors & Omissions  coverage.

#6 Eliminate personal website expenses
Our website is your website.

#7 Eliminate CRM expenses
We manage your prospects for you. We are deploying a mobile enabled client management tool for each Real Estate Partner.

#8 Eliminate premium & mobile ZipForm expenses
We manage document preparation and execution for you in your standard TAR account. We provide a Corporate Docusign Premium account with mobile access for all Real Estate Partners. This eliminates your cost for a premium ZipForm account or mobile app.

#9 Eliminate virtual tour expenses
We generate and publish a YouTube slide show presentation for every listing.

Keep your clients

We want you to keep your client relationships and compete for any type, any size and any property location (subject to US State Department considerations). We have in house CCIMs, CPMs, SIORs, CIPSs, RLIs, CPAs, land & ranch brokers, commercial brokers, and 1031 experts ready to collaborate with you! If your need is in another US or international market, we contract with a local Collaborative Broker.

Social media

We generate search pages, listings, posts and other content for all company owned or managed social media. You can opt your accounts into our social media stream. Leads generated on your social media are yours whether they are your listings, other listings, search pages, posts or other content.

Retirement transition

Work with us to capitalize on your book of business. We recognize your client relationships, skills and expertise are valuable. When you are ready to start planning transition, we have the expertise to make it as efficient, painless and successful as possible for you, your clients and your successors.

Real estate philanthropy

Many firms and realtors do great things for nonprofits. We have reset the bar. We gift 10% of our revenues, before realtor commissions, to SWPRE Preferred Nonprofits or gift 5% of our revenues to any US based nonprofit of our client’s choice. Consider matching our gifts to SWPRE Preferred Nonprofits.

Contact us 24/7

All we do…we do for you and your client!

Office +1 979.421.9996
Text +1 713.918.9951

Referrals are real estate’s life blood. Our only geographic limits are US State Department based. We appreciate your support!

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